What programs do Ladder run?

Ladder provides a wide range of opportunities for young people, designed to encourage and support them in gaining confidence, self belief and the ability to take control of their future.

We offer both group and individual opportunities via our four key programs:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Skills development
  • Education, Employment and Training support
  • Mentoring

Our programs operate in all Ladder Foyers.

The Health & Wellbeing program runs at the Education First Youth Foyer at Kangan Institute (Broadmeadows), Holmesglen Foyer (Glen Waverley), Sidney Myer Haven (Bendigo), Foyer Warrnambool and Foyer Oxford (Perth).

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing is a flexible program that can be tailored to the needs and interests of each individual as well as the group.

The program aims to help young people:

  • understand the concept of wellbeing;
  • develop their fitness and wellbeing;
  • develop strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle; and
  • recognise the relationship between physical and psychological health.

Young people have regular opportunities to participate in group sessions covering topics such as nutrition and healthy eating, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, and physical activities such as PT or gym sessions.


The Mentoring program pairs a young person with a mentor who work together to achieve set outcomes and objectives.

Our program has two approches:

  • relationship based: where the mentor and mentee work together over a longer time period
  • objective based: where mentoring is short-term and project-based.

Ladder's mentors are current and past AFL players and elite female athletes.

Mentoring has core standards of practice and documented outcomes which allow both parties to track improvement along the way. Each mentor candidate is carefully selected by Ladder via a thorough screening process and is paired to a young person, depending on their needs. We support all mentors in their role and offer any assistance they may require.

Skills development

The Skills Development program offers a wide range of training, activities and opportunities for social and community engagement in a group environment. This program enables young people to experience things they may never have tried, pushing the boundaries of what they can achieve.

Some of the activities in the program include:
Personal Development: helping young people to better understand self, build inter-personal and social skills, work as part of a team and enhance problem solving and goal setting capacities.

Team Values: focuses on developing a vision, goals, leadership skills and community participation opportunities; showing how a constructive group culture is linked to the positive values and behaviours of young people in the program.

Team Projects: activities are designed to answer a question or solve a problem and generally reflect learning and work styles in the everyday world. These projects provide young people with an opportunity to test and embed newly acquired skills including how to plan, work together and complete a project of interest.

Leadership Group: provides opportunities to develop leadership, group facilitation and project management skills. It also aims to escalate and manage issues, and to act as an advocacy voice for young people in the Foyer where required.

Social Club: developing key contacts and opportunities to engage with the community.

Education, Employment and Training support

The Education, Employment and Training program encourages young people to think strategically about their learning and work needs.

The program ensures young people have access to the resources, skills and personnel needed to achieve their goals.