Ladder is reliant on the support of the community to provide our services to young people who have experienced homelessness to be able to reach their goals and aspirations. You can support our work through a number of easy ways that include:

  • Make a one off donation today – all donations over $2 are tax deductible. Click here to make you donation today

  • Regular Giving is a way to commit to supporting a young person to reach their aspirations and helps us to plan our work knowing the funds will be coming. You can stop at any time should your circumstances change. Click here to sign up today.

  • Workplace giving is a way to get the immediate tax benefit from making your donation as it comes out of your pay before tax. If you grab a coffee on the way to work each day, consider donating what you would spend on a coffee one day a week to help a young person who has experienced homelessness to be able to aim for their ideal job. Talk to your payroll department today to set up your workplace giving.

  • Key to the Future is our major donor program. We seek a commitment of $3,000 per year for three years. You will be enabling a young person to be able develop skills and knowledge needed to be live independently, to work as part of a team and to improve their health and wellbeing now and for the future. Click here to sign up to become the Key to the Future for a young person who has experienced homelessness.

  • Homepage for the Homeless is a portal where you can support Ladder whilst doing your online shopping. Click on one of the key holes, make your purchase and once you’re done, the retailer will donate a percentage of your purchase, at no cost to you to Ladder. So head to Homepage for the Homeless here today and start shopping!

  • Folo is a new concept where you can download a toolbar to your Chrome browser and when you are on a website that is linked to their program a percentage of your purchase will be donated to Ladder, once you’ve selected us as your charity of choice. So head to today.

  • One T Group is an online store where you can buy a trusty white t-shirt and $5 of each shirt will be donated to Ladder when you go through the shop. Head to today, grab a white tee shirt and help tackle youth homelessness at the same time!